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Pokémon Scarlet/Pokémon Violet
Competitor Information

Before the Tournament

Make sure your Switch has the latest updates, both for the Switch in general and for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet.

Choose your Pokémon:  You will select 6 Pokémon to battle with throughout the event.  Eligible Pokémon are those with Paldea Pokédex numbers:  #1 – 398 (Regulation C)

Register your Team:  Place your 6 Pokémon in Battle Team 1.  Then go to and create a team list, recording all the required information.   You will need to create your list, and submit the list for the Portland Regional Championships by 9 PM Friday May 5th.

If you have successfully registered your team, your name should appear on the Live Roster

It is the responsibility of the player to ensure there are no teams with the same 6 Pokémon you are using for the event in your party, other Battle Team or rental teams.

Rental teams will not be accepted for this event.

Player Meeting:  9 AM

Round 1 pairings will be available when the hall opens at 7:30 AM.  Players should be in their seats by 9 AM. Find your assigned table number on the pairings boards posted in the hall, or at

Do not start battling!  All matches will start at the same time, once the judges have distributed the open team lists to all players.  Please wait for their signal.

At the players meeting, you will be given your official open team list. This will be the list you share with your opponent at the start of the round. 

It is the responsibility of the players to ensure they do not lose this sheet. 


Once the open team lists have been distributed, await the judge's signal to start battling.

In each game, you will choose 4 of the 6 Pokémon on your list to bring into the Double Battle.  Your Pokémon will be auto-leveled to 50.

Connection will be made through a dock with wired internet connection – please ensure your Nintendo Switch wired settings are on ‘automatic’ & the system is in airplane / flight mode.  As a reminder you will need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

Battles will be held over the Poké Portal – ‘Union Circle’.

Player 1 will host the Union circle, which will generate a random unique code, Player 2 will join. Once in the circle battles will be held over ‘Link Battle’ via the Poké Portal. Double Battles and Official Rules 2.

Before you begin your game, please check you’re connected to the right opponent!

After your match

With your Switch still docked, exit the Union Circle.  


Fill out the match slip with initials from both players, and the winner should take it to the Video Game Tournament Desk (on the right side of the stage.)

Once all matches are complete, we will post the pairings for the next round.  This is Swiss format, so you get to keep playing whether you win or lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are you requesting no other teams with the same six Pokémon are saved in Battle Teams / rental teams?

A. As we are unable to lock battle teams, we request this for ease of team checking.

Q. What are the penalties if a similar team is saved in Battle Team/rental teams?

A. This may be treated as a major team error and could result in a game loss or disqualification.

Q. If I believe someone is using a team different to the list provided what should I do?

A. Raise your hand and continue your match. A judge will come over and review any concerns you have.

Q. If you cannot lock battle teams, how will teams be checked?

A. Random checks will be made at the end of games to ensure the teams being used are the same as those listed on RK9 and on the players sheets.

Q. When will I receive my opponents team sheet?

A. You swap team sheets when both players are sat down and ready to begin the match. Once the match is finished you return the team sheet to its owner. For this reason, you are not allowed to make notes on the team sheets.


Q. What if players are using level 1 Pokémon which can hide IV/EVs?

A. It is our recommendation players do not use Level 1 Pokémon. Should a player have one or multiple in their team, judges will need to simulate a battle and stat checks performed.  

Q. Why is it recommended to set the switch into airplane / flight mode?

A. This will stop the system picking up wireless connections and help the connection stability.

Q. Why are battles held over Union Circle?

A. This helps pair the correct devices whilst also reducing the chance of being banned from online services in case of disconnections.

Q. Why must I exit Union Circle before undocking my Nintendo Switch?

A. This will ensure the game does not register the disconnection as malicious, which could lead to problems connecting in future rounds.

Q. Can I still play without a Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

A. Unfortunately not, as with previous seasons this remains a requirement.

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